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Who We Are...

Positively Luxe has a big dream. A dream to see every Luxe Lady on the planet enjoying a fun little dust bag (or any PL accessory) to protect, store and organize their handbags, shoes, clothing, and more.

What is a Luxe Lady you ask?
A Luxe Lady is powerful, she's strong, she’s dreaming big, she’s bold, she is classy, she likes nice things, she spends, she saves, she is kind, she holds her head high, SHE is the Luxe Lady.

My name is Tessa, creator of Positively Luxe. I wanted to create and source fun dust bags and other useful accessories to protect, store and organize your designer goods for the part of the Luxe Lady that lives in all of us—the one who loves her bags & shoes and wants to keep them safe. Here is the backstory on Positively Luxe...

Let’s go back twenty-one years ago... eight-year-old Tessa’s net worth was $200. Why? Because it was Christmas morning! My parents (who are incredibly hard workers and always made sure we had a great holiday), as well as Santa, decided “Hey, we should let our children pick their Christmas gifts this year!”

After I opened my gift and saw two crisp one-hundred dollar bills, I turned to my mom, immediately, and said, “Mom, take me to Nordstrom!”