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Dust Bags

Think of your dust bag as a protective second layer of skin, or barrier to your luxurious “I want this investment to last” handbag when it’s not in use. Instead of your babies, sitting on the shelf collecting dust or perhaps at risk of the dreaded color transfer from other bags next to it, set them in a breathable bag like cotton, like The Positively Luxe organic cotton dust bag. A 100% *cotton* bag is important as it’s lightweight and won’t lock in moisture. Stay away from plastic, polyester, or those cheap fabrics that could potentially trap moisture which could lead to... mold! And please, stay away from storing any of your handbags in the box. The box is pretty, great for transferring from the boutique to your closet, great decor or for stacking your handbags at different heights on the shelf, but a box is NOT meant to store your handbags long term— your babies need to breathe! We did our research and found that 90% of luxury handbag experts agree, storing your handbag in a dust bag is the easiest and safest way to keep your bag in excellent shape for the long-term.

Other great tips for handbag storage: Never stack your bags on top of each other, this could cause indentations or scuffs that are so avoidable.
To keep the bags shape, stuff it with tissue paper (not newspaper or anything that could discolor your bag), a bag pillow, a couple extra dust bags, or a tote organizer, etc. You don’t want it to sag or droop because it lost it’s shape in the closet. *Some bags may collapse and fold for easy storing but not all of them are capable. -Be aware of the handles and hardware including zippers, lock and straps when storing. Make sure they are not pressing on your bag and causing unwanted indentations and make sure your handles are not being pressed on and bent. You could tuck all hardware in the bag or wrap certain pieces in tissue to try and protect the bag. -Hanging your bag for a long period of time could cause damage to chain as well as color transfer and dust, we don’t recommend that method. -Store your bags in a dry room and avoid direct sunlight (harsh sunlight could cause your bag to crack) from hitting your handbags and dust bags. -Use your bags! Take them out every now and again and check on your babies, give them love and know Positively Luxe has you covered when you are ready to protect, store and organize your babies.
Our dust bags are versatile and really, really cute... meaning they should not just be stored away in the closet! PL dust bags make for great travel/laundry bags in the suitcase or for your dry cleaning. We offer “dirty” and “clean” clothes bags to organize your suitcase and of course, dust bags to keep your shoes, bags and accessories in when on-the-go. We also offer our bags in a large option for your totes, boots and even wide-brim hats. Our drawstring backpack style bags are perfect to throw on the shoulder for the gym, the car or running errands in as well.
To care for your gorgeous new dust bag, we recommend hand washing it in cold water when needed. Steam your bag to get out any wrinkles, an iron works to for a more crisp finish. Upon arrival of your dust bag, we also recommend taking Scotch Guard to the bag to immediately add a layer of protection from any unwanted stains and spots. *Please note after several washes (we’re talking over 20), the design on the bag could slightly fade giving it a vintage feel. Who doesn’t love a vintage bag though?
The Positively Luxe Promise is to bring you high-quality products only and one way to ensure that is by doing our research and making sure we source the best of the best cotton. The Positively Luxe exclusive dust bags are apart of the BCI— Better Cotton Initiative (, sourcing the finest of cotton, sustainably and ethically. What does that mean? You can actually track the cotton on our exclusive PL bags from the mill, to the gin, to the thread maker, to the print shop, to the warehouse to your front door. Know when you purchase a PL dust bag, you are purchasing luxurious cotton, responsibly and made with 100% love and designed in the US of A.
Yes! The Bagbrella comes in 2 different sizes to fit over most handbags including small cross body bags to a large tote.
Simply dry off your Bagrella after it’s been in the rain or by the pool etc. and fold to store for the next storm or day by the water!
No, the shoe inserts are not intended to stretch or widen shoes. The inserts are simply there to help preserve the shape of your shoes. Each size measures approx. 3.5” across at widest point, fitting most standard shoes without stretching.
Yes! Your bag light will come with 2 AA batteries inside it for ready-to-go use once your package arrives.
The DIY kit comes with everything you need to make the bag: the hardware, the waterproof PU leather, plastic clear cover, zipper, tape and tool to put it together, plus detailed paper instructions and a link to a full video tutorial. All you’ll need are scissors, super glue and whatever paper/shopping bag/fabric you want to place on the bag. *The kit DOES NOT come with any designer paper, fabrics, shopping bags or designer bags.

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Yes! At check out, select the $4 gift wrapping option that will include a personalized note and wrapped gift box.
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Yes! If you are interested in selling exclusive Positively Luxe Dust Bags in your shop please email for all the details.

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When checking out, you will have the option to fully insure your package by selecting the Route Premium Package Protection Plan option for only $1.95. If you select this option at check out, it means that your order is fully protected against loss, damage, or theft while in transit to you. In the unfortunate case that your order never arrives or is broken upon arrival, you can easily file a shipping issue with Route and receive a replacement or refund. Positively Luxe is excited to offer this “peace of mind” service to you and we highly recommend you use this at checkout! Please find our full Shipping Policy, here.
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